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91 Interior Restoration

When I first got this car, it had been repainted, but the seats and carpet were shot, so I decided to redo the interior.  Check out the pics as the project progressed.


Here is what the inside looked like when I got it, not too bad, but definately could use some updating.  The seats were kind of dirty and showed signs of previously leaking T-Tops and although this picture doesn't show, there was a nice sized hole in the driver's bolster from getting in and out.



Speaking of dirty, here is the nasty carpet that was most likely original to the car.  The mats did an ok job of hiding some of the rusty spots, but it was definately way past time for replacement!


Thankfully, there was only surface rust to deal with, a pleasant surprise, especially noticing the amount of rust on the rug upon removal.


Here is the floorpan after some sanding, rust converter, and top-coat of primer. 


Here is a shot of the new carpet installed just before trimming.  You can also spot the custom cup holder I installed when the console was out of the car.  Even though it only holds the 12oz can size beverages, it's better than nothing at all!  Also pictured is the new power outlet I installed into the console for phone charging and the like.  Both modifications went in without any clearance problems!





Besides a few trim pieces, the job is done!  I cannot believe the transformation!  The dash and other pieces were in great shape, so with the new seats and carpets, the interior looks, feels and even smells brand new!