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John Ricciani's Camaro Home Page

This site has been created to showcase my Camaros and some of my friends' vehicles.  Check out the brief descriptions below and click on the links to see the pics!

My 1995 Z28

Check out my show car, featured in the Feb '04 issue of Camaro World magazine!  A 1995 Z28, white with a black t-roof, 6spd, leather interior and plenty of modifications!  Click the button below for pictures. 

My 1991 Z28

Also featured in Camaro World magazine, this is my black Z28 that was built in March 1990, making it one of the first 'new' Z28's to hit the streets after the IROC series was discontinued at the end of the 80's.

My 2010 SS!

My newest Camaro has arrived! My 2010 SS, order# NNSV9V was ordered on 7/9/09 and delivered on 11/21/09 and has quickly become my personal favorite. Click to see more pics!

My Friends Rides

Click the button below to check out some of my friends F-bodies!

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91 Interior Restoration

See the re-do of the 91's carpet and seats!